Top 10 Movies That Will Make You Cry

  1. My Girl(1991)- Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky) is an 11 year old girl with a dreary outlook on life. This can be attributed to the death of her mother shortly after she was born, the fact that she lives in a funeral home, or that her grandma is slowly forgetting who she is. Her best friend, Thomas J. Sennett (Macaulay Culkin) is the only thing that seems to keep her going. Vada’s father then hires a new woman to and they quickly fall in love. Vada relies even more on Thomas as she’s trying to escape from her world. All of a sudden, a tragedy strikes that will no doubt result in tearstains on your cheeks.
  2. The Best of Me (2014)- Two high school sweethearts, Amanda(Michelle Monaghan and Dawson (James Marsden) return to their hometown to attend the funeral of a close, mutual friend. They find themselves reminiscing the good times and wondering what went wrong. Despite several obstacles, their love is rekindled. However, they are quickly reminded of what drove them apart before and it threatens to overwhelm them. This tale ends with a heartbreaking twist that will leave you crying for hours.
  3. Titanic(1997)- A poor, young man named Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) wins a spot on a new ship called the RMS Titanic. At the same time, a wealthy young woman called Rose(Kate Winslet)  boards with her arranged fiance and mother. The two meet when Jack saves Rose from an attempted suicide. Their whirlwind romance begins then and there, although neither of them know it at the time. Rose’s fiancé becomes a small worry compared to the reality of what happened next. The ship hits an iceberg and begins to sink in the middle of the Atlantic. Rose, Jack, and two thousand other people fight for their lives despite poor management, class prejudice, and their impending doom. The outcome of this true story will most definitely cause your “allergies” to act up.
  4. The Notebook(2004)- An older man is trying to remind his wife, who has dementia, of who he is and how much he loves her by retelling their love story everyday. The movie shows the story as he tells it and they have a beautiful yet complex romance. At some points, their relationship seems like a lost cause which can result in more than a couple sniffles. There is a heartfelt ending that may or may not cause some sobs to escape you as well.
  5. The Boy in The Striped Pajamas(2008)- Set during world war 2, a German soldier is promoted and him with his family move closer to the war zone. The tale is centered around the soldier’s young son and his unlikely friendship with a little boy in the concentration camp nearby. The childlike innocence these two have creates an agonizing situation. These two kids have no understanding of the prejudice and injustice going on around them and it causes a harrowing conclusion that will make you weep for the horror of this story that isn’t far from reality.
  6. Armageddon (1998)- The thrilling chase of a group of misfit NASA recruits having to go save the world by stopping a pummeling asteroid from hitting Earth. Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) and his group of oil drillers have to go into to space to save humanity only having a few weeks of training. A story of irrepressible love, heartbreak, and true friendship that will leave anyone wanting more and most likely, in tears.
  7. The Pursuit of Happyness(2006)- Follows a single father (Will Smith) who is evicted from his apartment and finds himself alone with is son (Jaden Smith). They are left to fend for themselves on the street or, if they’re fortunate, in a shelter. The father, Chris, then takes an internship at a brokerage company but it doesn’t pay anything. It is a huge risk but Chris wants to make something of himself. This is a truly inspiring narrative of loss, perseverance, and hope that will melt through anyone’s frozen heart.
  8. Marley & Me(2008)-  The couple John and Jenny Grogan ( Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston) moved from Michigan to Florida just after their wedding. John surprises a puppy as a gift to his wife. Marley, the puppy, is an adorable, soft and loving baby boy, but in hindsight he is a mischievious dog who loves causing trouble. As the Grogan Family grows, Marley finds more ways to overturn their lives with every ounce of puppy liveliness he has in him until he runs out.
  9. Good Will Hunting(1997)- An incredibly intelligent young man, Will (Matt Damon), is a janitor at MIT. He easily solves problems that are left unattended and is discovered by Professor Lambeau (Stellen Skarsgaurd). The professor cuts a deal with the police when Will gets arrested to help the boy reach his full potential. It requires Will to help the MIT solve complex problems along with attending counseling sessions with Sean Maguire (Robin Willims). Will learns a lot about himself, love, and life in general. There is breakthrough that will no doubt bring tears to your eyes which is followed by a heartwarming resolution.
  10. We bought A Zoo(2011)– Shortly after his wife dies, Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) decides to get a fresh start and buys a rundown zoo with his son and young daughter. It’s a struggle from the beginning mostly due to the lack of faith everyone has in him. Although it doesn’t help that his son is angry at him and the world. Their relationship becomes a powerful one as the story progresses and the confrontation they have to get there will be easy to relate to and may hit a little too close to home. There is an added factor of the recent death of the mother and wife of this trio which will cause you to shed more than one tear.









The Bucket List

July 30th, 2018

One fateful day, the authors of this blog, Jamie and Josie, were texting. Jamie came up with the idea to make a bucket list of things they wanted to do together. It was the beginning of freshman year and they had big plans ahead of them. They texted back and forth for awhile, each imputing different things they were interested in. For example, Josie said that she wanted to watch all the Fast and Furious movies together while Jamie said the same about the Rocky movies. This continued for a while until they called it quits for the day.

Over time, some of them changed, a couple were removed, others were added. In the end, there were 54 tasks to be accomplished. Jamie and Josie have currently checked 12 off. The cool thing about it, is that many of these were not done on purpose. In fact, most of the ones that seemed impossible have already been completed. Including, going to see Hamilton, traveling to a Spanish speaking country, and playing a sport together. Below is a copy of the bucket list. Can you guess what number twenty five is?

Jamie and Josie’s Bucket List

  1. Take a road trip
  2. Go see Hamilton on Broadway✔️
  3. Pull an all nighter
  4. Make a playlist of songs to listen when we’re together
  5. Watch all the Rocky movies
  6. Create time capsules
  7. Get matching friendship bracelets/ necklaces✔️
  8. Go star-gazing
  9. Go camping
  10. Volunteer at the animal shelter/ anywhere
  11. Bake/Cook something for someone
  12. Find Josie a boyfriend (added by Jamie with reluctance from Josie)
  13. Have a photo shoot✔️
  14. Go apple/ strawberry picking
  15. Learn how to braid hair✔️
  16. Play a sport✔️
  17. Go to a really cool concert
  18. Go to an art museum and act amazed by the art and talk loudly about it.
  19. Create our own recipe/food
  20. Visit colleges together
  21. Hopefully go to the same college
  22. Get summer jobs
  23. Go to a Spanish speaking country✔️
  24. Marathon a TV series✔️
  25. Make a blog✔️
  26. Put on a concert for Josie’s family
  27. Get dressed up really fancy and then go to McDonalds.
  28. Go to a cupcake bakery and try gourmet cupcakes
  29. Watch a bunch of sad movies in a row
  30. Ask a random stranger on a date
  31. Fly Kites
  32. Go to a high school party✔️
  33. Blind makeover
  34. Get a henna tattoo
  35. Make a song (even if it’s bad)
  36. Go visit Josie’s sisters
  37. Go to an amusement park
  38. Paint pottery
  39. Cook dinner for our families
  40. Go to a baseball/ basketball game✔️
  41. Go on vacation together✔️
  42. Join clubs at school✔️
  43. Watch all the (good) Disney movies in a row
  44. Make a scrapbook
  45. Have a water balloon fight
  46. Pull a good prank on someone✔️
  47. Go horse-back riding
  48. Watch all the Fast and Furious movies
  49. Create our own type of sign language
  50. Go to sonic all the time
  51. Solve a mystery as Ruby and Angeline
  52.  Lose our voices at a football game
  53. Create a secret handshake
  54. Have a five minute dance party